Are you and Your Business Ready for 2016??

Ask yourself the following questions, and see which of the responses reflect your business practices.

BPImage1.) Do you have a plan in place with your annual business and personal goals for 2016?

2.) Do you have a clear written vision of  your personal goals and the purpose of  your business that brings priority and  focus to your goals?

3.) Do you have a defined set of benchmarks that you can evaluate all areas of your business so that you know what’s working and what areas need your attention?

SMART-goals4.)  Do you monitor the progress of your goals on a regular monthly or quarterly basis?

5.)  Do you review your business plan on a regularly scheduled basis and make updates if appropriate?

6.)  Do you access the risk and reward of each of your goals so that your logic can be evaluated at a later date?

images7.)  When you created an action plan for achieving your business goals did you delegate that responsibility to an employee with a timeline for its completion?

8.)  Do you have personal goals for each of your employees that support the overall goals of your company, is the achievement of these goals incentivized?

9.) Do you share your annual business goals with your employees, and  communicate what they need to do to help you achieve them?

10.) When reviewing new projects and opportunities during the course of the year do you check your company vision and annual business goals to confirm whether they move you closer to achieving your overall goal(s) or takes you in a different direction?

MBhsfrntIf you responded positively to all or most of these questions, congratulations you are better prepared than 90% of your competitors and other small businesses across America. If you think you may be weak in certain areas or would like some guidance on how to create a business plan and prioritize your goals, give us a all at Beartooth Business Consulting. We can help.

     Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a Successful 2016!!



Are you and Your Business Ready for 2016??

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