A Special Invitation for You

Do you want to become a better leader, increase the profitability of your business, and/or overcome the challenges that are holding you back?

Over the last several months we have visited with dozens of business leaders vetting the idea of an high level group of business owners and executives that are organized with the sole purpose of theirs and each other’s success. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

They told us how beneficial it would be to hang out with other like minded successful business people to share ideas and discuss problems in a confidential and nonjudgemental environment. They said that learning effective leadership skills and finding fresh ways to overcome problems and seize new opportunities on a regular basis with the same group members would be awesome. Most importantly they wanted the sharing, support and accountability that comes with being in a mastermind group.

So we’ve created this exclusive business group, the Yellowstone Business Forumfor leaders like you.

The introductory meeting for this group will be May 15,2017 at the Billings Petroleum Club. We have invited a select group of business people who we think will fully participate, not only for their own benefit but to support others with their expertise and experience. We recognize that leaders have different needs and will facilitate two groups, one for business owners and one for business executives. Group sizes will be small with a maximum of 10 leaders in each group.

When you join the Yellowstone Business Forum you will also be invited to our YBF Retreat Weekend, October 2017 in Red Lodge, MT. This 2-day event is a chance to learn new leadership skills and work on your Strategic Plans for 2018 with other Yellowstone Business Forum members. You will get the opportunity for a deep-dive hot seat where you can really vet challenges and opportunities with other bright minded people.

Learn more about the benefits of Yellowstone Business Forum and how to become a charter member at www.beartoothbiz.com/ybf

To join Yellowstone Business Forum or figure out if Yellowstone Business Forum is right for you, let’s schedule some time to talk about your situation and what your goals are, email Mike or Erika at mike@beartoothbiz.comor erika@erikawillisassociates.comand we set up an hour to talk either in person or by phone.

Here’s to all our success, Mike Booth & Erika Willis www.beartoothbiz.com/ybf

Yellowstone Business Forum A Place where Success is Accelerated

A Special Invitation for You