Is Your Board In Need of a Tune-Up?

Is your board functioning as effectively as possible? Is it providing all the important resources to allow your organization to fulfill its mission and realize its vision?

If you answered no to either of these questions, or simply aren’t sure, maybe it’s time to do an analysis of your boards performance and identify the areas that need work. Beartooth Business Consulting are experts in board development and improving board practices. We offer a board tune-up package that includes a questionnaire of your board, a questionnaire summary, and a presentation to your board about their current situation and those practices that need to be strengthened so that you are better able to fulfill your mission and realize your vision.

We begin with a questionnaire that will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your board and what type of board you are.

To fully understand how well the group is leading your organization each board member will be sent a questionnaire that is designed to obtain a clear picture of how the board is functioning and what they believe are the expectations as board member. We will assess the skills, interests, and contributions of your current board. This is just the starting point and will be the foundation of future discussions about board goals and board development. It will be clearly communicated this is not to isolate or point fingers at individual board members for a lack of contribution, it is to strengthen your board and collectively understand the future role and direction of the board. Areas that are identified as weaknesses can then be addressed in your board development plan.

  • Individual Board member questionnaire. Effective boards ensure that board members’ skills and assignments are aligned with both the organization’s needs and the members’ own interests. This sounds easy, but in practice, it requires a deep understanding of what the organization needs from its board, and what each member can (and wants to) provide given his or her skills and interests.
  • Board of Directors Evaluation. To obtain a clear picture of how the board is functioning collectively and to identify weaknesses and strengths an assessment of how the board is functioning is important. The results can be addressed  in your board development plan.

We follow up the survey by presenting the results to your board and leading a discussion on how to strengthen your board.

During this presentation we will discuss the board questionnaire results and the current performance and future role of your board in very interactive manner with lots of idea sharing  on what your board’s role should be. These conversations often lead to a discussion about the importance of fundraising. It can almost be characterized as an abbreviated Strategic Planning session. We will tailor this presentation to fit your board and the larger role it needs to play within your organization. We will lead your board to the conclusions and decisions that will have the greatest impact on you and your organization.  

“Mike worked closely with us to design a strategic plan that would set the direction of our organization for the next 3-5 years. He helped us break down our vision into goals that were not only achievable but measurable. Our board learned a lot (about each other, the organization and the leadership team) and had some terrific conversations about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Mike’s insights and facilitation leadership have put us in a stronger position.” –Staci Grimm, Tumbleweed Chair

If you are interested in improving your boards performance please give us a call. Board Tune-ups packages begin at $1,285. You can contact us at 406-690-5988, email at mike@beartoothbiz,com or check out our website at

Is Your Board In Need of a Tune-Up?