A Typical Meeting

What happens at a typical Yellowstone Business Forum meeting?

Members can expect to spend four hours each month with a passionate group of business owners that each have their own expertise and strengths. Each member will take turns being on the hot seat, where you will talk about your challenges, problems and future plans in a safe and confidential environment. Trust and commitment among all participants is key to the success of the group. All members will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to joining the group. Prior to the initiation of the recurring  group sessions, members participate in a dynamic and interactive kick-off session to give an opportunity to meet and greet fellow members and get primed for the ongoing sessions.

Members will share their knowledge and learn from each other and often outside experts. The agenda ultimately belongs to the group but the group and facilitators will recognize topics that are relevant to all members and tap subject expertise within the group as well as outside experts. A sampling of topics will range from leadership skills, public relations, employee benefits, growth strategies, exit strategies, digital marketing, employee management, social media, sales, capital investment, and financial management.

The meetings will be held at the Billings Petroleum Club however on occasion we will go to a member’s place of business so that other members can familiarize themselves with their facilities, operating systems and staff. The meetings will be hosted and facilitated by Mike Booth and Erika Willis.

  • You will interact with a team of like-minded business professionals that have the same interest, ensuring their success and the success of their other members. In a short amount of time these relationships will move beyond professional to personal level as well.
  • You will learn something new about a particular business subject or trend that directly impacts your business.
  • We move around the table giving each member an opportunity to share current challenges and opportunities that exist in their business life. Each member gets the opportunity to ask questions and then offer advice on how they might approach or solve the issue. Some issues are so complex it might take several meetings to completely work thru them and solve the issue or seize the opportunity.
  • Each member identifies the goals they have for the next 30 days that they will report back to the group on their progress.
  • We set the agenda for the next meeting

Membership in the Yellowstone Business Forum will not only make a significant difference in your business career but to your life.