Business Valuations

Do you know what your business is worth? Do you know what a lending institution might lend a buyer to purchase your business? Do you have the perfect retirement plan, sell your business for a bundle and live off the proceeds? Do you know what you need to sell your business for in-order to enjoy that retirement, or move on to the next stage of your life?

All these are legitimate questions and should be answered in the present, not sometime in the future when you hope you can sell your business. Understanding what your business is worth today will help you prepare for the eventual day you sell it or hand it off to the next generation. Understanding the factors that influence a buyers decision to purchase your business will assist you in how you manage your business so that when the opportunity comes to sell it, your ready.

Maximizing the value of your business is the #1 job you have as the business owner. As with any journey, knowing your starting point is as important as the final destination. Knowing what your business is worth today and where you want it to be will guide your decision making to consistently influence the value of that business.

We will take you through a consultative process that will assist you in understanding what your business is worth and the factors that determine that value. Most business valuations are based strictly on a multiplier of your net income. But there are many more factors that will determine what a buyer will pay for your business and a bank will lend against that purchase.  In addition to your financial statements we will use a series of business and economic indicators directly related to your business to help you determine it’s value to a buyer. You may find your business is worth all you imagined it would be and that you want to sell it in the immediate future, on the other hand you may disappointed by it’s value and realize the need to increase revenues, profitability, management practices, or possibly location in order to maximize its value for both you and a buyer. At the very least you have a benchmark for your own benefit. 

Business Valuation will address:

  •  Exit Strategy
  •  Short & Long Term Goals
  •  Uses of cash
  •  Management Practices

Biz Value Tools is a consultation program designed to educate owners and buyers about the business valuation process and the factors influencing a business’s value.The program is maintained by BizResources, Inc., specializing in helping people buy, sell, value, and improve their business. 

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