Erika Willis

Erika is a leadership guru and co-founder of the Yellowstone Business Forum for Non Profit Executives. Erika Willis believes that leaders want to lead well and that everyone has the capacity to transform. While not everyone pursues change with the same rigor or at the same pace, with support, accountability and a vision, it can be done.   Emerson said that: “Our chief want in life is someone who will make us do what we can”.

As an executive and leadership coach trained in Presence Based Coaching, Erika creates a safe and accountable space for those who are willing and ready to take an honest look inside themselves, to examine the things that hinder or enhance their leadership ability and personal and professional outcomes.

Erika’s diverse professional background sets the stage for her to deeply connect with a wide variety of projects and personalities. Her career spans the private and social sectors from direct client services, to sales and Executive Leadership. Erika’s own personal and professional journey is the source of her learning and inspiration.

Erika’s coaching and facilitations teach language and skills that improve presence, mindfulness, accountability, and the ability to have critical conversations. She is able to bring out the full capacity of leaders, build positive culture within organizations, and ultimately stronger businesses as a whole.  Reach her at 406-670-8656 or by email at