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We help businesses like yours become more successful.

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in your life as a small business owner. You have a vision for your business, but if you’re like most small business owners, you get so bogged down managing the day-to-day challenges of your business you lose sight of the steps required to realize that vision. You know setting short-term and long-term goals will benefit your business but you just can’t ever seem to find the time to plan ahead. We assist you with the strategic vision you need to set those goals and implement management practices in order to fulfill those goals. Working with Beartooth Business Consultants will allow you to make better decisions, increase the profitability of your business and maximize it’s value.

Success will be measured in an increase in revenues, more efficient management systems, greater profits, and most importantly more time for you. We love what you do – Our success is directly tied to the results we deliver. We find solutions to your problems – Make no mistake, consulting is a relationship business. Understanding your challenges and developing the trust of you and your employees is paramount to our success.

We can assist you with an array of challenges:

  • Strategic Planning
    • Stagnant Sales
    • Low Profitability
    • Exit Planning
    • Brand Development
    • Definition of Roles for Owners
    • Strategic Planning
    • Meeting Facilitation

    Being able to adapt to the changing environment of the small business world is a strength I have honed over 27 years of practice. I have spent the bulk of my career leading small business people through the process of strategic and financial planning in order to sustain long term growth and profitability.

  • Project Management. I can assist you in managing small and large-scale changes and projects. I can assist you in executing a project through conception, business and financial planning, and finally execution within the marketplace. Relocating your business can be a significant distraction to your operations. Hire BBC to manage the project, involve you in the major decisions but allow us to manage the details so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

    Cash Flow/Financial Management. Projecting cash flow and managing to a budget is key to maximizing profitability and building a sustainable company. I have a comprehensive understanding of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and budgeting. I have managed budgets that have ranged in size from a few hundred thousand dollars to 16 million dollars.

    Marketing Strategies. Educating small businesses to the principles of effective local marketing is key to the continued growth of these businesses. Employing the right tools so that a business communicates with new and existing customers is tricky in today’s multi-faceted digital world. I can identify which methods will reach your target audience effectively and affordably.

    Team Management.  Employing and directing the right team can accomplish great results in any organization. Without a great team, a business owner takes on more than they possibly can get done in a day. Hiring, firing and managing employees takes time, and needs the right tools to get it accomplished successfully. We will help you put the right tools in place so that you effectively evaluate, train and motivate your team allowing you to focus on the most important task on your business, growing it.



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Mike Booth – President