Newly Purchased Businesses

We serve small businesses from all industries and in every phase of your business. 

  •  Start-Ups
  •  Newly Purchased Businesses 
  •  Existing Businesses that want to get to the next level
  •  Poor Performing Businesses/Turnarounds

We leverage your industry expertise and work with you to establish sustainable business practices and goals that promote revenue growth, increase profits, maximize the value of your business and provide peace of mind for you.

Newly Purchased Businesses

You’ve recently purchased an existing business and are anxious to begin to put your personal mark on it. Additionally, in order to realize a return on the investment you’ve made into that business, pay back the capital you’ve borrowed, and enjoy a nice salary for your labor, you must grow the business. Creating and implementing a strategic business plan that provides a roadmap for this success and getting the buy in from your newly acquired employees is key to making this transition successful.

There are a number of other opportunities that should be looked at to determine if there are more efficient and profitable ways of doing things:

  •  Current suppliers
  •  Payment terms of suppliers
  •  Customer credit terms
  •  Customer profile
  •  Customer pricing
  •  Profit margins
  •  Product lines
  •  Employee performance
  •  Organizational structure
  •  Management practices
  •  Marketing practices
  •  FacilitiesOperational systems
  •  System documentation

We can assist you in determining the functionality and efficiency of your operations and work with you to source and implement new business practices that will enhance the growth and success of your business. All the while remaining sensitive to the reaction of employees and customers.

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