Non Profit Consulting

Beartooth Business Consulting, BBC,  offers customized consulting services to nonprofits across Montana and Wyoming. We assist boards and management teams with all aspects of a nonprofit’s enterprise. We will work directly with your team to create actionable strategic plans and realistic strategies for fulfilling your organization’s mission and realizing your vision.

Non-Profits are like any other business you must develop sustainable sources of revenue and manage those resources so you can  operate at the highest levels and fulfill it’s mission. While the revenues may come from donations, grants and government funding it should be treated in much the same way as for profit businesses generate revenues from customers and sales. Generating revenue, staffing, program delivery and expense management are very much like for-profit businesses and should be managed proactively to ensure the organization is operating as efficiently as possible. Utilizing the same tools successful companies employ in their for profit businesses are essential to the success of your non-profit.

Consulting Services Include:

Meeting Facilitation: Whether it’s a small group of board members or a large group of board and staff, having an outside facilitator for your meeting can often provide the positive results you are striving for.  We will bring an open-minded perspective to your meeting. Our first objective is to create a safe environment so everybody is willing to share ideas and concerns. We will keep the discussion focused, keep the process on track and will encourage your team members to respect each other as equals in the process. In my own personal and professional experiences, I have always witnessed better outcomes when an outside facilitator is used.

Strategic Planning: BBC will work with your board and executive team to update or create a strategic plan that will guide your organization into the future. We will ensure your mission, vision, values are relevant in today’s world and define 5-10 impactful goals that will shape your organization’s future. Strategic planning is a tool for changing your mode of functioning from “reactive to proactive, you will anticipate, plan and create your organization’s future.

Board Development: BBC will work with you to evaluate the performance of your board and work with you to create a plan on how it can be more effective in fulfilling your organization’s mission and realizing its vision. The purpose of a board development plan is to build an effective Board of Directors whose activities & involvement positively impact the outcomes of your organization’s mission, vision, values and strategic goals.

Developing an Operating Plans that works: BBC assists nonprofits in successfully addressing complex organizational challenges and opportunities through facilitation, training, planning and coaching. BBCs practical approach to organizational development include the delivery of helpful tools and resources to ignite and effectively manage change.

Project Management: BBC can supplement your organization’s management with taking on  new initiatives, research, and special projects.

Fundraising: Fundraising is not easy and asking for money is uncomfortable for many board members not matter how passionate they may feel about is mission. The final step in preparing the board to do fundraising is to train them in fundraising theory and practices.  

Executive Retreats: Top leaders know at times there is nothing like getting away. BBC will plan, facilitate and execute your next board and/or executive retreat. We can planning agendas and speakers, we will arrange meeting facilities, lodging, meals, and entertainment/recreation for your team so that you can focus on bringing out the best strategic and innovative thinking from your top and emerging leaders, free of distractions.

Event Management: BBC will work with you to make your event the very best it can be.  Exceed you fundraiser goals, showcase your mission and the achieve the outcomes you desire.

Leadership Training: BBC will work with your leadership team to improve their skills so they can lead their teams to new levels of success. 

Beartooth Business Consulting is a member of the MNA, Montana Non-Profit Association