Growing Your Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profits are like any other business you must develop sustainable sources of revenue and manage your resources in order to have a positive cash flow end of the year so you can continue to operate and fulfill it’s mission. While the revenues may come from donations, grants and government funding it should be treated in much the same way as for profit businesses generate revenues from customers and sales. Staffing, program delivery and expense management are very much like for profit businesses and should be managed proactively to ensure the organization is operating as efficiently as possible. Utilizing the same tools successful companies employ in their businesses are essential to the success of your non-profit.

  • Strategic Planning for non-profits
  • Board Development
  • Development/Fundraising Plans
  • Leadership Skills
  • Expense/Cashflow Management
  • Event Planning

Beartooth Business Consulting can help you with any or all the things listed above. We take a practical get it done approach to our work and don’t leave a project until a plan is put in place and our clients are comfortable they can execute it.We can be contacted at 406-690-5988 or by email at


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