Our Groups

The Yellowstone Business Forum are  exclusive executive groups made up of ten to twelve success driven individuals who are willing to participate in a group of like -minded business professionals under complete confidentiality, are willing to invest in their success, and the success of their fellow members. All the members of the Yellowstone Business Forum share a passion for their business and are committed to it’s growth and their personal growth as a leader. Our two groups operate separate from each other other than to share expertise and resources as appropriate. Our two groups are:

Business Owners Forum. This group is made up of ten – twelve business owners. These business owners have owned their own business for three years or more, are actively involved with the day to day management, operate with a full set of financial records, have a business plan or good idea of what they want to accomplish, have more than one employees, and are committed to growing their business. We will not have competitive businesses within the same group.

Key Executive Forum. This group is made up of ten – twelve key managers, executives, and nonprofit leaders from Billings and the surrounding area that manage more than one employee and have budget or p&l responsibility for their area of influence.




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