Start Ups

We serve small businesses from all industries and in every phase of your business.

  •  Start-Ups
  •  Newly Purchased Businesses
  •  Existing Businesses that want to get to the next level
  •  Poor Performing Businesses/Turnarounds

We leverage your industry expertise and work with you to establish sustainable business practices and goals that promote revenue growth, increase profits, maximize the value of your business and provide peace of mind for you.

Start Up

As a start- up business you have plenty of friends and relatives that are more than willing to tell you how you should run your business, so you don’t need to pay a small business consultant to do that. What you don’t have is a professional staff to help you get things done, as it may just be you or you and your spouse. There are so many things that need to be done before you can open your doors and begin serving customers:

  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Financial Planning/Cash Flow
  •  Facility acquisition and build out
  •  Vetting and securing suppliers
  •  Marketing
  •  Identifying competitors
  •  Securing capital
  •  Hiring employees
  •  Book-keeping systems
  •  Point of sale systems
  •  Business announcement and PR etc, etc…

We can assist you in many facets of your new business. Think of us as a resource or professional project manager that will assist you in getting things done.  We can help you in the beginning to create a Strategic Business Plan and Financial/Cash flow plan that will guide your businesses growth and can be presented to financial institutions for your capital needs. We can assist you with all the other necessary functions and work with you to fulfill them successfully. Our goal is to assist you launch your business successfully and on schedule. 

Newly Purchased Businesses

You’ve recently purchased an existing business and are anxious to begin to put your personal mark on it. Additionally, in order to realize a return on the investment you’ve made into that business, pay back the capital you’ve borrowed, and enjoy a nice salary for your labor, you must grow the business. Creating and implementing a strategic business plan that provides a roadmap for this success and getting the buy in from your newly acquired employees is key to making this transition successful.

There are a number of other opportunities that should be looked at to determine if there are more efficient and profitable ways of doing things:

  •  Current suppliersPayment terms of suppliers
  •  Customer credit terms
  •  Customer profile
  •  Customer pricing
  •  Profit margins
  •  Product lines
  •  Employee performance
  •  Organizational structure
  •  Management practices
  •  Marketing practices
  •  FacilitiesOperational systems
  •  System documentation

We can assist you in determining the functionality and efficiency of your operations and work with you to source and implement new business practices that will enhance the growth and success of your business. All the while remaining sensitive to the reaction of employees and customers.

Existing Business wanting to take your business to the next level

  • Do you own an existing business and want to take it to the next level, and what is that next level for your business?
  •  Accelerated revenue growthImproved customer satisfaction
  •  Increase profits
  •  Additional facilities
  •  More efficient management, less stress on you
  •  More personal time for you
  •  Prepare to transition out of your business
  •  Acquire additional capital

If you’re ready to get your business moving forward in a new direction we can help. We will help you put a Strategic Business plan in place that will help us identify and overcome the weaknesses in your business and exploit the opportunities so that you realize the goals and dreams you have for yourself and your business.

Poor Performing Businesses/Turn Around

  •  Is your business consistently losing money each month?
  •  Have you lost hope of re-gaining profitability?
  •  Is your bank, suppliers or other debtors putting pressure on you?Are you in fear of losing your business?
  •  Are you losing more customers than your gaining?
  •  Is your plan for turning the business around – hope?
  • Having owned my own business and working closely with my customers during several recessions and the great recession of 2008 I have more experience than I wish to in turning around businesses.

We will bring a sense of urgency to your situation. The turn around process can be a long and painful process especially if you’ve spent years building your business, but the sooner you get started determining and addressing the problems the sooner you will begin to enjoy the success you once had or always planned for. Being a third party we will bring an objective point of view to your business and assist you in making the tough decisions in order to turn the business around. This may include laying-off key employees, cutting non-profitable lines of business or firing customers that are no longer profitable.

The first step in any turnaround is determining what needs the most immediate attention and addressing those problems first, in most cases this will be improving cash flow so you can pay your bills. We will put together a ninety-day cash flow plan that may include negotiating payment plans on your behalf with suppliers and creditors. It maybe putting collection practices in place in order to reduce outstanding receivables and/or reducing expenses all designed to improve cash flow.

Once a short-term cash flow and business plan are in place, we will begin to work on the larger picture and work with you to make the necessary changes within your business to get it growing and profitable again. This should include a Strategic Business Plan accompanied with a longer view cash flow plan and marketing plan.

If part of the Strategic Business Plan is to sell the business we will assist you in preparing your business for that eventual sale so that it may bring in the highest possible price.

If you are willing to work hard and bring a positive attitude to the situation we will help you overcome the difficulties you are experiencing giving your business the very best chance to succeed again.


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