Strategic Business Planning

Do you have a Strategic Plan for your organization?

A Strategic Business Plan defines your mission, your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them. Whether you’re an established nonprofit organization or just getting started a well thought out Strategic Business Plan will assist you in achieving the success you desire. Does a business strategy have to be complicated? No, but it should be strategic. It should involve all the stakeholders within your organization that influence your organization and be well documented so that it can be shared back with your board of directors, staff, the populations you impact by your mission.   

The following outline is the path Beartooth Business Consulting uses successfully with other non-profit organizations. We realize every nonprofit is unique and we will tailor a strategic planning session to fit your organization and to meet your desired outcomes.

Why use an outside facilitator?

Our role is to help drive the process without influencing the content. Our first objective is to create a safe environment so that everyone involved feels free to share their ideas and concerns. Our next objective is to get everyone engaged, there are no good or bad ideas and everyone needs to contribute. We can ask the hard questions others within the organization may be reluctant to, if there is an eight hundred pound elephant in the room, tells us and we will address it in a non-threatening manner and then chase it out. If you desire we will plan each meeting’s agenda, and ensure the group and the planning process stays on track

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