Strategic Think Sessions

Do you ever wish for a partner to validate your ideas or play devil advocate with to solve problems within your business? As a small business owners we can often feel isolated and in need of discussing an idea, opportunity, or employee problem, with someone other than our employees, our spouse or a friend. Having the ability to discuss these issues with someone who has spent time in your business and understands your business goals can be a big asset. These think sessions might be as quick as a half hour or could be as long as a couple of hours. You are not alone as a client of Beartooth Business Consultants. Let us help you come up with the best possible decision for your business.

Business conditions are dynamic, markets change, economic conditions change, personnel change and customers change. All this will affect the performance of your business and your business plan. Working together we can adjust the stated goals and expectations of your business plan based on changes impacting your business. Having this conversation with someone who is not involved with the day–to day operations but is familiar with your business will bring an outside perspective to your opportunities and challenges. 

You will decide on how much follow-up and further mentoring you would like from Beartooth Business Consultants. This follow-up can be on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. I can work with you and or your teams to evaluate the financial performance, sales performance, and progress against any of your stated goals. If adjustments are needed to your business plan and or financial plan they can be made at this time.

On-Going Monitoring and mentoring helps you with:

  •  Resolution of ongoing problems
  •  Growing opportunities
  •  Accountability
  •  Financial Review
  •  Discuss success and/or failures against stated goals 
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