The Benefits

The Benefits of the Yellowstone Business Forum

In Yellowstone Business Forum meetings you will solve challenges that exists in your business life and gain key insights that will enable you to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you allowing you to grow faster than you might on your own.

Business leaders place a very high level of importance on their ability to accomplish goals but many try to go at it alone.   Joining the Yellowstone Business Forum Group provides a leader with benefits that support goal achievement and the leadership efficiency needed in today’s complex environment.

As a member of the Yellowstone Business Forum you will work one on one with Erika and myself to create an actionable strategic plan that ultimately will be shared with the group. Your fellow members will provide insights on how to execute that plan in order to maximize your success while holding you accountable to achieve your goals, all under the ongoing assistance of your facilitators, Mike and Erika.

As a member of the Yellowstone Business Forum you will become a stronger leader in a number of ways:

  • You will get monthly one on one session from either Erika or myself, two experienced business leaders and coach’s to work with. Each of us having a unique set of skills that can help you gain insight into the challenges and/or opportunities facing your business.
  • You will gain insight and guidance from your fellow members, who in many cases have already faced similar challenges and/or opportunities that you may be facing.
  • Members get monthly education from the facilitators as well as outside speakers in a variety of business topics that the members select, which keeps the topics timely and relevant.
  • The group will meet monthly at the Petroleum Club in downtown Billings. Each meeting will last 4 hours providing each member the opportunity to talk about his or her business.

By tapping into the minds of several like-minded individuals, a group member experiences the following benefits:

  • Accountability to think ahead and make a plan and set goals
  • Accountability to act upon that plan and accomplish goals
  • Introduced to new leadership and business concepts and skills
  • Feedback and constructive criticism from others who want to see you succeed
  • Insight you might not have otherwise gained
  • Access to new resources
  • Motivation to grow and avoid stagnation
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