Why Hire Us

We know what it’s like to run a small business.

You have so many issues clamoring for your attention; it’s hard enough to solve the problems of the day much less think about your business strategically. Our job is to help you improve your business by identifying the obstacles and dysfunction that exists in your business today and help you to overcome them. 

Beartooth Business Consultants is a hands-on firm that works with you by leveraging your industry expertise, you and your team’s talents, with our knowledge of proven management practices in order to overcome the systematic business issues that impede your growth and allow you to focus on the opportunities that will allow you to profitably grow your business. Ultimately bringing out the best in you and your employees to enable you to fulfill your goals and personal dreams. 

We bring a practical approach to working with our clients. Working within your business we facilitate and ask the hard questions, speak the plain truth, and in the process of identifying your issues it is inevitable that this discovery will point out the obvious, evoking uncomfortable, often emotional self-realizations. These issues are almost always centered in the Intra-personal and interpersonal dynamics of leadership and management. 

As your business’s leader, the role you fill within it affects the bottom line, one way or another. Our goal is to help you become a stronger leader so that your einfluence is always positive. You embody the fundamental ingredient to transform your business–the capacity to look at and change your relationship to it. Our role is to help facilitate that change. Through this process we will help you bring more of your passion to your work, to transform your operations so that you enable, rather than impede growth, —ultimately providing you and your employees with the financial rewards you desire.

We will then follow-up to hold you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself and your business.

MBhsfrntCall or email to schedule a FREE consultation to see if your business could benefit from our services. 406.690.5988 or email at mike@beartoothbiz.com 

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