Yellowstone Business Forum for Non Profit Executives

Yellowstone Business Forum for Non Profit Executives – By invitation only.

Are you an Executive Director that is interested in sharpening your leadership skills and decision making ability? Are you seeking networking opportunities and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other like minded non profit executives?

Does your board wish to provide you with the best possible skills to lead your team or the organization? Do they wish to enhance your ability to impact your organization’s mission and thus realizing the organization’s vision?

If so, we would like to extend a special invitation for you to join a dynamic new group, the Yellowstone Business Forum for Non Profit Executives, specifically designed to enhance the leadership skills and decision making abilities of nonprofit Executives.

So, what is the Yellowstone Business Forum for Nonprofit Executives

Nonprofit executives will meet regularly in a casual, non competitive environment to act as catalysts for growth and collaborate with each other to be high performing leaders for their organizations. The Yellowstone Business Forum for Nonprofit Executives is leadership development, fundraising strategies that work, improved board relationships, and strategic thinking all wrapped up into one mastermind program designed to solve your real time opportunities and challenges on an ongoing basis.

*Confidential information such as donor lists will be shared. Each member will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that there is a comfort level of confidentiality among all members.

So, what is a Mastermind Group exactly?

A “Mastermind Group” offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting. The purpose is to challenge each other’s thinking and act as catalysts for growth in a positive and constructive manner for the single purpose of improving leadership skills and enhancing the ability to make better decisions, enabling leaders to fulfill the organization’s mission and realize the vision.

Participants set powerful goals, and more importantly, are accountable to the group to accomplish them. The group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to give and receive advice and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Realizing  success is our goal and the goal of fellow members. We will apply many of the principals of Gracious Space to accomplish this. This is the essence and value of the Yellowstone Business Forum.

Each month one participant will have the opportunity to be on the hot seat. This is their opportunity to present their challenges and opportunities to the group. Members in the group give feedback, help brainstorm new possibilities, encourage accountability on the road to becoming more effective leaders, problem solvers and decision makers while enjoying the support of respected peers. Members must be committed to the group and understand they owe a commitment to report back on their actions within the timeframes communicated during the meetings.  

Napoleon Hill, the father of mastermind groups and author of Think and Grow Rich was quoted as saying, “A Mastermind Group is a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”


Membership in this exclusive group will be by invitation only. There will be a maximum of twelve members in the group. We ask that you commit for a minimum of six months however we are confident you will stay engaged well after that. The average tenure of a mastermind group is 31/2 years.  New members will be brought in on an invitation only basis and will be pre-approved by the group before being asked. If you are not able to attend these meeting on a regular basis this group is probably not for you. There is a monthly cost to each member based on the size of your organization  plus any shared costs for meals.

The Meetings

Mike Booth, nonprofit business consultant, and & Erika Willis, leadership and coaching guru, will facilitate the meetings. They will conduct many of the coaching and training sessions however outside experts may be brought in if it is beneficial to the group.

The group will meet regularly on the third Wednesday of each month. Each meeting will last approximately two hours. 

Each meeting will feature the opportunity for member(s) to be on the hot seat. The hot seat allows you to explore and get feed back from fellow members on what is keeping you up at night? How do you overcome those challenges or seize that next opportunity?

Each member gets three, one hour,  individual coaching sessions outside of the group session. During these individual sessions any topic can be discussed. Some that may be inherently part of the YBF sessions and those that aren’t, the topic is you’re choice.

Agenda Topic(s) will include:

  • Enhancing Your Leadership Edge
  • Creating and Leading High Performing Teams
  • Creating Great Relationships between You and Your Board
  • Developing a Diverse and Sustainable Fundraising Effort
  • Strategic Thinking for Nonprofit Executives
  • Developing an Operating Plan that Works
  • Managing Leadership Transitions

If you are interested in joining the Yellowstone Business Forum please contact Mike at (406) 690-5988, or or Erika at 406-670-8656.